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Agritech Slovakia is a manufacturing and trading company who is producing machines and devices used in the agriculture and in the animal husbandry.The company was established in 1998 by Agritech s.r.l. from Italy and by local entrepreneurs from Kráľovský Chlmec.The wide product range includes fiberglass products such as silos, shelters for calves, shelters for horses and pig-rearing houses all manufactured by Agritech s.r.l. In addition to the fiberglass products the company also offers screw conveyors, flexible augers, trevira silos, animal feed crusher and mixer machines, truck tanks and many other products.
The company is flexible and open to any new ideas in order satisfy the customer needs. Agritech Slovakia has longstanding relationships with partners from Slovakia, Italy, France, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic. Agritech Slovakia regularly attends international fairs across Central Europe.The products are manufactured in a newly built hall using modern machinery.We offer complete solutions for farmers to prepare their own animal feeds, transport and upload to silos.
Our company‘s experienced staff are able to manufacture custom orders using our advanced machinery which includes milling tool, lathe, mechanical and hydraulic press, metal shear, bending machine, folding machine, pipe bending machine and CO welder.Customer satisfaction is in the focus of our company policy , therefore we provide quality service as well as parts supply for our products.

New products: Cage for the treatment and transport of calves, Farrowing crate

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