Fodder mini plant

Fodder mini plant AGSK-1

• Fodder mini plant AGSK-1 is used for preparing feed mixtures and has productivity 900-1100 kg/h;
• Plant maintaining is very simple and requires no physical effort, as the machine is filled under pressure, pneumatically.
• Electronic scales, installed under the grinder, provide full control over the quantity of grinded components, and therefore allow to carefully follow the formula of feed mixtures.
• Feed mixture components get into the mixing tool through the hand sliding flap.
• Cleaning of the mixing tool is accomplished by opening the flap into the bags or containers with the help of transport systems - spiral or screw conveyors.
• Fodder mini plant surface is covered with a layer of primer and paint.

Technical data
Mixing tool capacity: 500 Kg
Grinder capacity: 500 Kg
Productivity: 1000 Kg/h
Grinder electromotor: 7.5 KW
Mixing tool electromotor: 3 kW
Lenght: 3 m
Width: 1.2 m
Height: 2.95 m
Mixer tool on the left side Mixer tool on right side Filling mixer tool from pile Filling mixer tool from tank
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